The Design Process

Every project is different, I like it that way! But, I have set out a rough outline of what you might expect to happen when ordering a bespoke piece.  If you have any questions, please do get in touch and we can talk more about your specific project or idea.



The first step is to have a chat about what your project, either on the phone/skype or via email. We can go over any ideas you have, chat about budget, your venue/window and what is achievable.  It’s also a chance for me to get the low down on any potential installation restrictions and other practical information.

This enables me to go away and either add to a brief you have sent, or write one from scratch. This is an important step to ensure we are on the same page from the get go.



Then, the creative bit. I am a very visual person so it’s usuallly straight to Pinterest, books, magazines and my note book now. I will pull together reference images and sketch out ideas that I think you will love and, as importantly, will be achievable for your budget and at your venue.

Photograph courtesy of Jo Ritchie

Mood board produced for Alice and Dave



Then, it’s time for you to see my initial ideas and mood boards. There will be a few options/variations depending on the brief. We can go through what you like, how much it is likely to cost and how I see the ideas working in reality.

Initial design for Ella and Roman

Design for Rachel and Alex



This is where I get into the nitty gritty with final design and any drawings before final approval from you.  You will see a final design before I move onto making your item, there may be a couple of rounds of amends, depending on the type of project we are working on. 

At this stage, I will produce any techincal drawings needed for external manufacturers or for your venue/marquee company to check over.



I make the majority of my designs in house but I do also work with a trusted wider network of manufacturers for some more specialist processes such as wood working or laser cutting.  I send updates and photos throughtout the process so that you can keep up to date with how things are going.


6 – Delivery and Installation

I will either package your item and send it special delivery to your home / venue / shop or I will hand deliver to you and install the decoration / prop as appropriate.  I can also post an item and travel to you for installation.

Got an idea? Or stuck with where to start? Get in touch and let’s talk about what’s possible. I have a reliable and practical approach to creativity and am confident I can deliver what you are after.

Paper owl for Duo Boots 

Hanging installation for Alex and Rachel

Paper flowers for Crabtree and Evelyn

Wedding styling for Brooke and Edward

Feather chandeliers for Emma and Shaun

Paper flowers for Lancaster, Paris