Mid Century Modern Ceremony Back Drop

A two meter tall paper flower arch or ceremony backdrop inspired by mid century modern textile, furniture and interior design.  The stylised leaves mimic the geometric patterns of the period and the large sun ray flowers are reminiscent of mirrors and clocks.

I designed the wooden frame and got the layers laser cut, before constructing the beams.  It was bolted together on site and the flowers added, along with the copper hanging foliage.

The design drawing can be seen the slide show below.

  • copper-paper-leaves-yellow-paper-flowers-tropical-leavs
  • mid-century-modern-wedding-backdrop-yellow-and-green
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  • mid-century-modern-wedding-backdrop-large-yellow-paper-flower
  • mid-century-modern-wedding-backdrop-black-and-yellow-paper-flower

Images: Laura Reed Desgin