Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 2018

I was invited to apply for KHMC18 and designed a Chrsitmas Tablescape.  My fellow competitors and I had 5 hours on the day and a limited amount of preparation in the run up. 

The table was tradtional but there were a few twists.  For the centrepice, I took one of the icons of Christmas, the wreath, and made a free standing version.  I also made paper foliage garland, mini wreath chair backs and a range of other paper decorations.  I kept the ‘tradtional’ Christmas palette of red and green but added in some extra colours either side of that palette.

The competition was judged by Pip McCormac and, he chose my table as the winner!

These photos were taken after the recording.

It was a great experience, if a little odd to see myself on screen!

I appeared in episode 8, it can be viewed on All4

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Images: Laura Reed Design